Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Cute, light weight!
Gina March 28, 2014
Dangling Evil Eye Earrings - Coral
I give this earring to my sister and she said that she loves them and that she has gotten compliments at work.
Andrea March 26, 2014
Modern Rose Stud Earrings
My husband love them since he is a sailor he thought they were cute and shiny. My ears are sensitive to some earrings but this are perfect they don't bother them at all.
Andrea March 26, 2014
Delicate Sparkle Anchor Earrings
It's a really cute belt , but sometimes it doesn't hold pants up, it's mostly for show but it's pretty
Morgan March 25, 2014
Sweet Simplicity Bow Belt
Love it and fast shipping 😊
Julie March 24, 2014
Pretty Pinwheel Necklace - Aqua
I love this necklace ! Especially for the summer it's so easy to pair with clothes
Isabel March 19, 2014
Citrus Sensation Necklace - Yellow and Pink
Beautiful, Perfect for summer dresses.
Mary March 19, 2014
Fall Into Opulence Necklace - Turquoise
This necklace is stunning.!! so beautiful in person. I can't wait to wear it.
Mary March 19, 2014
Made To Rule Necklace
Love this necklace.! The color is so pretty.
Mary March 19, 2014
Heavy Saturation Statement Necklace - Fuchsia
I always love Glint and Gleam scarves!
Cassie March 19, 2014
Dark Bloom Scarf - Black
Love it so pretty!!!!!
Rosemary March 19, 2014
Tribal Siren Statement Necklace - Fuchsia and Turquoise
These are really fun. A great hoop alternative!
Ree March 18, 2014
Blurred Lines Earrings
Cute, a little bulky if you are not used to thick rings
Ree March 18, 2014
Eckleburg Eyes Ring - Gold and Black
like them
Tracey March 18, 2014
Luck Of The Draw Earrings - Black
too small for my ear
Tracey March 18, 2014
Beautiful Bow Ear Cuff
would not stay on
Tracey March 18, 2014
Proud Beauty Ear Cuff - Gold
Returned it, dont like the look of plastic...
Adriana March 17, 2014
Haute Hard Candy Necklace - Emerald and Teal
Love the colors! Beautiful piece!
Amy March 17, 2014
Jungle Fire Necklace - Multicolored
loved it and the length is great
fermina March 17, 2014
Dolphin Trick Necklace
Was'nt what I was expecting but still cute.
Marissa March 16, 2014
Blissful Bow Necklace - Gold
beautiful earrings that look much more expensive in person. the size is perfect for anyone of any size. you won't be dissapointed
Sharyl March 16, 2014
Gilded Daisy Earrings - Silver and Gold
this is a lovely piece of jewelry. I purchased for a particular outfit and it matches perfectly.
Sharyl March 16, 2014
New Warrior Princess Necklace
Gorgeous,bling,bling, and more bling! Thank-you for the necklace!
Autumn March 16, 2014
Dripping in Icicles Necklace - Clear and Gold
Elegant, love vintage, love glamour, beautiful, and awesome service too! Thank-you for the necklace!
Autumn March 16, 2014
Vintage Glass Statement Necklace
Fun, cute, charming necklace, can't get enough :) thank-you for the necklace!
Autumn March 16, 2014
Layered In Love Necklace - Antique Silver
I love the 80s, very proud to be a child of the 80s. Totally rad music, movies, shows, cartoons, and fashion. Miss it tons! This necklace reminds me of the mad max movies and an edgy piece that screams rock and roll to me. Especially, when I pair it up with a different style spiked necklace. Very pleased! Thank-you for the necklace and bringing back good childhood memories!
Autumn March 16, 2014
Nighthawk Necklace - Gunmetal
You cannot go wrong with pearls. This is such an elegant necklace and goes with everything. Very classy and reminds me of old Hollywood glamour! Thank-you for my necklace!
Autumn March 16, 2014
The Mighty Pearl Necklace - White
Love, beautiful piece, everyone at my work loves all these necklaces I have purchased from this store and the other stores as well. Thank-you for my necklace!
Autumn March 16, 2014
Mediterranean Luxury Necklace
Matched well with the other Anchor ring I ordered. I wear them both on one hand.
Cynthia March 15, 2014
Sailor Girl Ring - Matte Gold
Love this little ring!
Cynthia March 15, 2014
Steadfast Ring - Gold