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4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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These earrings are so unique.The red and blue crystals are very sparkly. Great customer service. I got these in 2 days!
Julia July 19, 2014
Glam Mosaic Earrings
I actually was sent this item and never received it. I don't think it was a mistake on the seller's part, but the shipping company. Since this was such a small purchase, I kind of forgot about buying it and never receiving the item. I was looking through my purchases a few months later and realized that I'd never received this necklace. I contacted the seller, not expecting much since it had been a few months, but they gave me a FULL refund! I just want to rave about how amazing their customer service is and I will definitely be shopping with you all again. Thank you so much glint&gleam!
McKena July 19, 2014
Dark Side Of The Moon Necklace
I was worried this would have a cheap look but it is well made, and very fun!
Ree July 14, 2014
Brooklyn Spotted Necklace - Multicolored
This necklace is beautiful! The color is beautiful and it lays so perfect and pretty. I originally purchased it in the mint color, however it was no longer available so I requested the cream color. Glint and Gleam has impeccable customer service because they also sent me the coral colored one as well with no additional cost. It was a pleasure doing business with Glint and Gleam.
Sharon July 10, 2014
Getaway Necklace
I was a little sad when I received this bracelet but it was my own fault lol!!!!- I thought that it was silver and gold, not gold and white! I should have payed closer attention to the listing, that being said it is very dainty and adorable, a great stacking piece with a gold watch...which I intend on doing! Love it even though it wasn't what I expected!
Stefanie July 10, 2014
My Little Elephant Bracelet - White
I am so in love with this earring trio! I was a little nervous about the triangle shaped earrings, that they would be overwhelming but they are so trendy and cute (and not quite as oversized as they look on the mannequin head photo's)- which is a good thing, they are lovely and can't wait to wear them!
Stefanie July 10, 2014
On the Edge Earrings - Gold
These are even nicer in person. The color and texture reminds me of rattlesnake skin. In which I have a top that goes with these great. They can be dressed up or down just love these.
Deana July 05, 2014
Glam Chandelier Earrings - Gold and Multicolored
The fit is great and the color is absolutely perfect. True to the picture and came with an additional light coral thin belt. Great purchase!
Kelsey July 04, 2014
Summer Stud Waist Belt
a fun ring to wear.
donna July 01, 2014
Pyramid Scheme Ring
very pretty ring everyone likes it.
donna July 01, 2014
Luxurious Caged Ring - Gold
like it. it's for ever day.
donna July 01, 2014
Hooked Up Bracelet
beautiful !!!
donna July 01, 2014
Ocean Royalty Statement Necklace
love it !!!!
donna June 30, 2014
Regal Jewels Necklace
Love it, really cute.
Najila June 30, 2014
Punk Rock Princess Necklace - Gold and Hematite
Although this necklace is really cute, it doesn't lay right when I put it on. Just received it and still thinking about sending it back.
Deborah June 28, 2014
Miss Attitude Necklace
Nice piece!!!
Valeria June 27, 2014
Flying Doves Earrings
Color looks different than the picture.
Beth June 26, 2014
Classy Links Wrap Bracelet - Coral
Turned color after wearing it only a few times.
Beth June 26, 2014
Scarcely Sparkled Flexible Cuff - Gold
Love the phone case. Good price and fast delivery.
Dana June 23, 2014
Paisley Skull iPhone 5 Case - Black and White
I thought that these were elasticized, but they're not and are a little hard to get on over my hand. Also they were a little thinner than I expected.
Donna June 21, 2014
Autumn Engagement Hand Beaded Bracelet Set - Light Brown and Brown
These are very jazzy and trendy. A little heavy when worn all together, but would look great added with other lighter bracelets.
Donna June 20, 2014
Beaded Bunch Bracelet Set - Mixed Metal
Love these mint earrings!
Jeanette June 19, 2014
Burst Of Light Earrings
very nice
Mamta June 19, 2014
Structured Bauble Necklace - Black and Gold
Very long
Mamta June 19, 2014
The Alchemist Earrings - Black
Was tarnished when it came.
Kelley June 19, 2014
Dazzle Me Chain Bracelet - Gold
love it
Judith June 17, 2014
Palace Garden Earrings - Gold
Love these earrings. Compliment many outfits.
Michelle June 16, 2014
Luxe Stone Spear Earrings
Great bracelet.
Karen June 15, 2014
Vintage Stone Bracelet - Silver and Turquoise
These bracelets are really pretty. Colors are so brilliant and beautiful.
Sharon June 15, 2014
Colorful Bangle Set
Wearable, comfortable, and original. Lovely!
Sheryl June 14, 2014
Woven Chain Hamsa Hand Bracelet - Coral