Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Perfect for my daisy crazed sister. Boxed and pretty.
Sharon October 20, 2014
Daisy Power Necklace
Cheap magnetic closure. Bracelet falls off.
Lily October 18, 2014
Eye Opening Evil Eye Cord Bracelet - Black
Cute and good quality. Would definitely recommend.
Andrea October 14, 2014
Kitsch The Cat's Meow Hair Tie Bracelet Set - Multicolored
Love the variety of rings in this set. Great price and quality!
Nadia October 09, 2014
Golden Simplicity Ring Set
Literally my go to necklace. Love it
Luyanda October 08, 2014
Dark Spell Necklace - Gold and Black
I love hoop earrings, these are great for an everyday look.
Sheila October 02, 2014
Totally Twisted Hoop Earrings - Silver
I love this ring set, whether one piece along or all three together.
Sheila October 02, 2014
Secret Side Ring Set - Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold
Matched well a new shoe
Youn September 23, 2014
Zebra Skull Nail Strips - Green
Shipped super fast and looks beautiful photographed
Ally September 23, 2014
Gleaming Chain Bracelet
Stunning necklace! Fabulous quality
BentleyBlonde September 22, 2014
Savannah Mint Drop Necklace by Brittney Miranda - Gold and Sage
Gorgeous bag! Well made and heavy
BentleyBlonde September 22, 2014
Sweetly Studded Cross-Body Bag
Great quality! super chic accessory
BentleyBlonde September 22, 2014
Summer Edge Spike Bracelet - Cream
love the matte metal and the size is very noticeable
Deana September 22, 2014
California Dreamin' Earrings - Gold and Silver
Very nice peach rose earrings with pretty sparkles all the way around.
Jeanette September 02, 2014
Dewy Bloom Earrings
Really cute!
Nicole September 02, 2014
Day Glow Watch - Neon Pink and Yellow
Kind of cheap
Nicole September 02, 2014
Venice Beach Wrap Bracelet
Really cute
Nicole September 02, 2014
Bright Bow Ring
Nicole September 02, 2014
Squared Up Stud Ring - Hematite
Nicole September 02, 2014
Petite Sparkling Cross Ring
Gets caught on a lot!
Nicole September 02, 2014
Angelic Archer Ring
Like a lot!
Nicole September 02, 2014
Linked In Sparkle Ring
Nicole September 02, 2014
The Royal Band Ring
These are so girly and pretty. I love them!
Angela September 02, 2014
Dazzling Dreams Earrings
They are super cute and I get so many complements. Thank you
Hannah August 30, 2014
The Perfect Bow Studs - Gold
OMG what a great necklace I always get compliments and looks nice with black!
Rodbln8 August 27, 2014
Leopard Love Collar Necklace - Gold
Wish I still had these! I lost them but they were great! and looked great on~
Rodbln8 August 27, 2014
Colorful Cluster Earrings - Multicolored
Love them on!
Rodbln8 August 27, 2014
Asymmetric Jewel Drop Earrings - Turquoise
very nice set but it tangles so I don't wear it any more
Rodbln8 August 27, 2014
Summer Time Layered Necklace Set - Gold and White
Love these! they look great!
Rodbln8 August 27, 2014
Asymmetric Jewel Drop Earrings - Fuschia
Absolutely love this necklace! every time I wear it I get sooo many compliments its amazing!
Rodbln8 August 27, 2014
Striking Resin Bauble Necklace - Pink