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4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Rayne May 20, 2014
Totally Fringed Chain Anklet - Silver
tan divinas!! :-) as is described
Jhovana May 19, 2014
Coachella-Bound Sunglasses
This necklace is the perfect accessory to keep with the trend. It's lightweight yet looks nice and bold and chunky. It can be dressed up or down. And the two set of matching earrings were like the cherry on top. All for a great price.
Veda May 19, 2014
Ocean Goddess Necklace
Matches everything!
Tina May 16, 2014
Wild Chevron Necklace - Brown
Very detailed cuff. Perfect match to the necklace. Day to night, well made and fun!
FabFashionology May 14, 2014
So Foxy Cuff - Gold
Love this necklace! It's well made, right size, layer with it or alone. Great, fun piece day or night!
FabFashionology May 14, 2014
Cubic Cuff Necklace - Gold
Love it! Four stars due to the gold sliding piece on the black side that keeps the band tight, slips back and has come off my wrist. I have an average size wrist, not small. Another mostly daily piece, haven't lost a stone,nor faded at all!
FabFashionology May 14, 2014
Sparkling Circle Bracelet
I love this necklace! It's smaller than I expected, but that was ok with me. It looks real, made well, nice flow on the fringe,and had many compliments! This goes from a tee and jeans to a dress and heels!
FabFashionology May 14, 2014
Fringe Benefits Necklace
Great little ring... I've always been into things on my fingers,nails, hands,etc. It did turn my finger,BUT that is normal for me and expect it if it's not real gold. It's comfortable and made well.
FabFashionology May 14, 2014
Double Angles Ring
Love it! Great quality!
ambbean1987 May 13, 2014
Lost At Sea Scarf - Tan
Beautiful! I love them!
ambbean1987 May 13, 2014
Winter Bloom Earrings - Blue and Mint
They are OK, but I did expect them to be larger. Still cute for the price.
Pamela May 13, 2014
Geo Cluster Studs
Beautiful looks really nice
diamondq7 May 13, 2014
Tropical Deco Necklace
Cute good quality
diamondq7 May 13, 2014
Simple Edge Earrings - Gold
Cute and light weight
diamondq7 May 13, 2014
Baubles and Spikes Earrings
It's gorgeous! Love it!
Savannah May 11, 2014
Bitty Bones Midi Ring - Gold
Perfect and gets compliments
Elaine May 10, 2014
Spiked Bullet Necklace - Matte Gold
These are perfect!
Elaine May 10, 2014
Three Ring Spiked Earrings - Silver
These are beautiful!
Elaine May 10, 2014
Poison Drop Earrings - Gold
love this necklace! it's perfect for a night out! statement necklace without overshadowing the rest of the outfit. highly recommend!
Kerilyn May 09, 2014
Dark Peony Necklace
Very pretty real-looking stones. Well made & good quality. Very happy with this purchase.
Deanna May 09, 2014
Regal Jewels Necklace
Love it gives a pop of color to an outfit good quality
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Fall Into Spikes Necklace - Multicolored
Cute and dainty
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Basilica Beauty Necklace - Blue
Love the print nice and light weight makes an outfit
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Fierce Transition Scarf
Love the colors nice and light weight material
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Unexplained Patterns Scarf
Love them I like a nice edgy earring mic weight not too heavy
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Fall Arrows Earrings - Brown
Love them good quality they go with everything
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Take A Bow Earrings - Ivory
Love this necklace beautiful my son refers to it as my candy necklace love love love it
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Candy Craze Statement Necklace - Multicolored
Love that they are not too heavy for the size they are
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Aztec Royalty Earrings - Gold
Cute edgy and perfect size not to big and not to small
diamondq7 May 09, 2014
Spiked Sparkle Earrings - Antique Silver