Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Love this for a simple look. Wear it w/a white t-shirt or a monochromatic outfit and it looks very nice.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Tiny Tusk Necklace
Easy to wear w/anything.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Just My Luck Stone Bracelet - Coral
Delicate for an everyday t-shirt day, or even to add a subtle dainty pop of color and natural beauty to the neckline at work. Love it.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Delicate Cluster Necklace - Teal
This is a fun piece for any occasion.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Fall Angles Necklace
Classic, easy, fun.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Classic Chain Bracelet
So easily stackable. Love these!
rxspunk December 20, 2013
So Stacked Bracelet Set - Rose, Coral, and Light Pink
Thought this would add interest to the neckline w/o being too much. Perfect for any occasion. Not too heavy either.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Pooling Petals Statement Necklace - Aqua
Great middle finger statement piece.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Spellbound In Sparkle Ring
Love the colors on this. I love to wear a scarf when I want to add some flare to my outfit.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Vintage Floral Summer Scarf - Purple
Great when you are going denim and t-shirt, but want that extra something.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Subtle Spike Necklace by Brittney Miranda - Silver
Love this very neutral color. It goes on w/o streaking, lasts about a week on and offers a nice color.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Perfectly Neutral Nail Polish - Dark Beige
Love the color on these. Only thing is that the prongs can catch on thread, hair and bits of clothing. I love it for the colors, but end of taking it off half day.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
A Lot of Arm Candy Bracelet Set
Perfect for those who love the ocean!
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Simple Starfish Pendant Necklace - Silver
My daughter and I love these! They never lose stretch, never pull hair, easy to put on and take off, and they have a variety of colors.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Kitsch Purple Rain Hair Tie Bracelet Set - Purple, Fuchsia, Black, Blue, and Teal
Great middle finger ring. It's simple w/a pop of color.
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Everyday Jewel Ring - Pastel Blue
Gorgeous, vibrant, and not too heavy! Very nice!
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Petite Drops of Stone Earrings - Purple
perfect for wearing those light fluttery scarfs and keeping them put!
rxspunk December 20, 2013
Rock And Roll Scarf Ring - Hematite
I absolutely love love love this bag! Its edgy, yet classic! This will be my go-to bag from here on out!
annie December 20, 2013
Chic Companion Bag - Black
My favorite tortoise accessory ever! Loving this boho-inspired pendant & really digging on the long chain
annie December 20, 2013
The Art Of Chic Necklace - Gold
Each one is special, love them all.
Elaine December 19, 2013
Nature and Class Midi Ring set - Gold
My rings are lovely, I love them.
Elaine December 19, 2013
Double Glory Midi Ring - Rose Gold
Just received this necklace and the quality a little suspect. While the pendent bottom is metal, almost none of the rest of the necklace is. Feels like it might break.
Alec December 19, 2013
Autumn Angels Necklace
Donna December 19, 2013
Celestial Love Necklace
I've received so many compliments on this unusual necklace. Love it!
Debbie December 19, 2013
Volcanic Edge Mineral Necklace
While I love this one maybe it was on sale cuz the spacing was off a little with the stones. But if your not looking you don't really notice. Love this one.
Penny December 19, 2013
Mystic Treasures Necklace - Pink
Very pretty and young like.
Penny December 19, 2013
Scattered Hearts Necklace
Very nice, luv it.
lynda December 18, 2013
Sophisticated Stripes Tote
Sooo cool, luv it.
lynda December 18, 2013
Working Girl Color Block Bag
Love it
Evie December 18, 2013
We Found Love Ring
Love them! They're exactly what I was looking for. Glint & Gleam is amazing! Already ordered more from them!
Evie December 18, 2013
Textured Stack Ring Set - Mixed Metal