Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Michele January 17, 2014
Lacquered Teardrop Cluster Earrings - Red and Green
a little heavey
Michele January 17, 2014
Architectural Geo Jewel Earrings - Light Blue
nice greens
Michele January 17, 2014
Eastern Elegance Jewel Earrings - Green
pink & fun
Michele January 17, 2014
Easter Egg Dangle Earrings - Pink and Cream
Michele January 17, 2014
Teardrop Faceted Jewel Cluster Earrings - Blue
love the texture
Michele January 17, 2014
Zebra Shimmer Teardrop Earrings - Silver and Gold
ok charm
Michele January 17, 2014
Anchor at Sea Necklace - Silver
Michele January 17, 2014
Stained Glass Window Earrings - Green, Yellow, and Pink
just nice
Michele January 17, 2014
Faceted Stone Cameo Earrings - Antique Gold
I LOVE these!! Very cute and the right size. Not heavy either. I get compliments about them. Very well done.
Kelly January 17, 2014
Night Owl Earrings
Beautiful color and nice quality!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Luxe Blossom Necklace - Sage and Cobalt
Really sweet item for young girl!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Sweet Heart Earrings
I really liked this and bought a second as a gift!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Sleek Tribal Chic Necklace - Turquoise
Beautiful piece,color awesome!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Moon On The Nile Necklace
Really nice but just haven't worn yet!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Turquoise Treasure Statement Necklace - Turquoise
A gift item and she really liked them and wears them a lot!!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Sophisticated Two-Toned Hoops - Sage
Really liked this item,beautiful color!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Bauble Blossom Statement Necklace - Blue and Green
very nice quality!!!
Marty January 16, 2014
Sweet Life Perfume Bottle Necklace
They were gifts and they loved them!!!great quality...
Marty January 16, 2014
Mothers and Daughters Asymmetrical Bangle - Silver
I got my scarf in 3 days after ordering and it is even cuter then the photos. It uses a soft, sturdy material and works with so many outfits. I love it!
Alicia January 16, 2014
Summer Mosaic Infinity Scarf - Multicolored
it's perfect just what i wanted
Robyn January 15, 2014
Golden Shark Tooth Stone Bracelet - Multicolored
These are cute, the edges are a little rough (almost curled). I don't think you will notice from a distance though.
Ree January 15, 2014
Dizzy Miss Lizzy Earrings
these earrings are nice. on my screen the coral jewel looks distressed, but in person they aren't. this is not a big deal, but worth mentioning. they make a little "clinky" noise when on since the inner teardrop is suspended/unattached. I look forward to wearing these soon with my big hair!
Devoynne January 15, 2014
Eastern Paradise Drop Earrings - Mint and Coral
these earrings are absolutely beautiful! the beading is nicely done and the size makes them noticeable but not heavy. I LOVE, LOVE these earrings! i may have to order a back up pair just in case anything ever happens to these! the seller packaged them securely and presented them nicely.
Devoynne January 15, 2014
Crafted Hoop Earrings - Multicolored
Not as soft as expected, but still a nice scarf. Thank you
Youn January 14, 2014
Lightweight Paisley Print Scarf by Echo Naturals - Black
Love it
Lolo January 14, 2014
Stretched Sideways Cross Necklace - Hematite
Awesome...very shipping and great price...look forward to shopping with you again!
MiChelle January 13, 2014
Warrior's Weapon Necklace - Antique Silver
Love the earrings they are so perfect for the necklace i have:) would recommend to everyone :)
yuliza January 13, 2014
Power Of The Crystal Earrings - Black
Love these earrings !!!!! Would recommend to everyone now i need the necklace to match the earrings:)
yuliza January 13, 2014
Everlasting Reign Earrings - Multicolored
This necklace is really beautiful. I have gotten a lot of compliments after wearing it twice now. The colors are very pretty.
Sharon January 13, 2014
Hidden Gem Single Strand Necklace - Antique Gold