Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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So bold and beautiful I love it:)
jacquie April 17, 2014
The Quiet Riot Necklace
Melanie April 16, 2014
Forever Shining Earrings - Gold
Pretty enough
Melanie April 16, 2014
Wondrous Luxury Ring - Gold
Melanie April 16, 2014
Point of Luxury Earrings - Maroon
Melanie April 16, 2014
Nature's Gift Jewel Bracelet - Maroon
I love these, so pretty
Fina April 15, 2014
Modern Rose Stud Earrings
Looks nice and it came with bonus pyramid studs!
Yurianna April 14, 2014
Aztec Treasure Necklace - Gold
since i purchase this earring i have been wearing them a lot and so far i really like the quality and they are very light - like the fact that they are neutral and can go with many different outfits ..
Nancy April 14, 2014
Dripping Stone Drop Earrings - Cream
These are super cute. Each one looks great and they go well together. I would highly recommend if you are looking to get in on the midi trend as these are so unique.
Chelsay April 13, 2014
Nature and Class Midi Ring set - Gold
I am in love with this ring. Beautiful. Stands out while still being dainty. I would highly recommend.
Chelsay April 13, 2014
Luxe Shine Chevron Ring
Beautiful bracelet! I think this piece is wonderful, very classy while still being interesting. The Rose Gold color is perfect too, not too pink like some can be. Perfect!
Chelsay April 13, 2014
Circled Around You Bracelet
Yanina April 12, 2014
Nature and Class Midi Ring set - Gold
I really love the look of these earrings, however, I only have one complaint - the hooks are backwards. I had to poke them into my ear through the back of my ears so that the jeweled part would face forward correctly. However, most people don't even look that closely to notice.
Linda April 07, 2014
Opaline Luxury Earrings
I love the ring and the free gift that was included... so surprised to find a pair of earrings included in the box. thank you so much!
Maliha April 07, 2014
Power Of The Sun Ring - Matte Gold
Stone not as shiny & clear as pictured
Helena April 07, 2014
Future Queen Necklace - Matte Gold
Just received! I bought this in black because the two other colors were sold out but it's okay because I've never been so happy with a purchase :) This necklace is so pretty!
Kimberly April 04, 2014
Sparkling Dewdrops Necklace
I love these! They came very fast and were packaged adorably. I will be buying from them in the future!
Kristyn April 03, 2014
Pirate Princess Earrings Set - Black and White
love this!
Keisha April 02, 2014
Bohemian Summer Stone Ring
I wore it as soon as it arrived. I got a few compliments on it right away. As soon as it's back in stock I'm going to get one for my sister!
Najila April 02, 2014
Star Gazing Ring
At first I totally loved this. Until it broke a week later. I was hoping to find someone to contact to get a new one
Jennifer April 01, 2014
Good Work(s) Happy Days With Crystals Wrap Around Bracelet - Neon Pink
there isn't anything on the top to ensure that it stays upright. It feels like good quality though.
dia March 31, 2014
Wrapped In Love Ear Cuff - Gold
Great polish, two coats of grey perfection. Came VERY well packaged and super fast. Plus they sent a free bracelet with it!
Jennifer March 30, 2014
NYX Fall Lacquered Nail Polish - Cloudy
Not what I ordered and replacement is not the type of earrings I woul d wear. Nothing close to what I originally ordered.
Susan March 29, 2014
Light As Air Cross Earrings - Silver
These earrings add just the right amount of pop!! Love them!!
rjplatas March 29, 2014
Royalty Chic Earrings
Cute, light weight!
Gina March 28, 2014
Dangling Evil Eye Earrings - Coral
I give this earring to my sister and she said that she loves them and that she has gotten compliments at work.
Andrea March 26, 2014
Modern Rose Stud Earrings
My husband love them since he is a sailor he thought they were cute and shiny. My ears are sensitive to some earrings but this are perfect they don't bother them at all.
Andrea March 26, 2014
Delicate Sparkle Anchor Earrings
It's a really cute belt , but sometimes it doesn't hold pants up, it's mostly for show but it's pretty
Morgan March 25, 2014
Sweet Simplicity Bow Belt
Love it and fast shipping 😊
Julie March 24, 2014
Pretty Pinwheel Necklace - Aqua
I love this necklace ! Especially for the summer it's so easy to pair with clothes
Isabel March 19, 2014
Citrus Sensation Necklace - Yellow and Pink