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Never received!
Brooke February 25, 2015
Sweet Sparkle Bangle Set - Mixed Metal
Love the necklace, but sadly some of the crystals fell off the necklace. Even with glue they still fell off :(
Vanessa February 21, 2015
Made To Rule Necklace
I have this necklace in brown too and love the look. The gems aren't the best quality (they're plastic and a few scratched) but you can hardly tell and they look more expensive from a distance, especially for the price. The necklace also came with matching earrings in the box which was a sweet surprise!
An Dyer February 18, 2015
Vivid Vixen Necklace
Nice and edgy
diamondq7 February 18, 2015
Geo Statement Earrings - Silver
Great colors makes a statement
diamondq7 February 18, 2015
Opaline Adventure Necklace
Great fall colors
diamondq7 February 18, 2015
Harvest Moon Necklace
Monica February 13, 2015
Bronze Glow Necklace
I just received this necklace today and love it! It is so beautiful in person. The picture doesn't do it justice. I can't wait to wear it. The color and design are absolutely beautiful!
Sharon February 11, 2015
Turquoise Triad Necklace
These earrings are gorgeous!! The pink and red colors are so brilliant and they look beautiful on.
Sharon February 11, 2015
Pink & Red Lineup Earrings
Very cute!!! Can wear with anything.
Melissa January 20, 2015
Buckled Up Bracelet
Beautiful!! Simple but elegant design!
Melissa January 20, 2015
Modern Floral Necklace
Two of my favorite things - hearts and the word "love" - beautiful.
Erin January 17, 2015
Love Layers Necklace - Rose Gold
Very elegant necklace - jazzes up any outfit.
Erin January 17, 2015
Forever N' Ever Necklace
Not as happy with this necklace as I thought I would be. I love the accessories II purchase at ShopLately, but this necklace is a little cheaper looking than it appears on the website. But, for the price, it is a great accent piece.
Mary January 17, 2015
Made To Rule Necklace
Heavy and sturdy. Great statement piece.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Temple Edge Pendant Necklace - Antique Gold
Cute in person, but clasp broke I got to use it so returned.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Exotic Explorations Snake Skin Cross-Body Bag - Green, Turquoise, and Fuchsia
Super cute. Holds up well.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Above the Bar Aztec Earrings - Gold
Broke down before I even gotten a chance to wear it.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Just In Time Large Face Watch - Rose Gold
Cute dainty pieces.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Time to Rock Necklace Set - Silver
Looks cheap.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Under The Sea Necklace Set - Silver
Definitely classic. The rose gold is stunning.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Call Me Classic Chain Bracelet
Looks nice and goes well with my business causal attire.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Classically Tiered Necklace - Cream and Gold
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Wrapped Arrow Ring
Cute piece. Looks expensive and makes me feel fab.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Clawed Earrings - Gold
Spacious and waterproof! Had this bag for years and still is fabulous!
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Scattered Skull Satchel - Dark Teal
Cute accent rings to layer.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Fad Fantasy Accent Ring Set - Silver
Looks and feels cheap.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Bad Bullet Pendant Necklace - Hematite
Cool statement piece but loses its appeal quickly.
YuenLing January 14, 2015
Exoskeleton Knuckle Ring - Antique Silver
Super cute and dainty.
YuenLing January 13, 2015
Delicate Hamsa Hand Chain - Gold and Blue
Looks and feels cheap.
YuenLing January 13, 2015
Right Direction Bangle Set - Gold