Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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These earrings are different and quite beautiful. Very pleased!
Sheryl June 14, 2014
Geometric Princess Earrings - Gold
Oh, I LOVE this bracelet! A New Classic, and my go-to for designer casual. Real leather band is great!
Sheryl June 14, 2014
Cleaned Up Leather Bracelet - Orange
Adorable earrings, great bargain! Have gotten many compliments!
Sheryl June 14, 2014
Into the Reef Geode Drop Earrings - Coral
Beautiful handbag! Total designer vibe. Got this as a present for my sister, who is REALLY picky about handbags, and she LOVED it! She was sure I paid more than $200 for it!!
Sheryl June 14, 2014
Color Block Croc Top Handle Bag - Mint Green
The bracelet is adorable and of great quality...thank you for the free gift of the pretty earrings. They will go with my hair!
Donna June 13, 2014
Vintage Stone Bracelet - Silver and Turquoise
This is not the necklace I received because when they went to send out the necklace they found a flaw it. I was contacted right away about it and refunded my money. Which I really appreciated. Not only was I contacted, but I was told that I would be sent a free gift. The free gift was really nice. It is a gold necklace with a rose. I really like it. Thank you for my free gift. I definitely will be ordering from them again.
Molly June 13, 2014
Sweet Stone Necklace - Maroon, Purple, and Gold
So beautiful, I love it!
skilergrace June 12, 2014
Precious Pearls Necklace - Gold
Super cute, dainty piece.
skilergrace June 12, 2014
Sweet Skull Dangle Necklace
Great rings. Have had for a while, they're holding up well.
skilergrace June 12, 2014
2 in 1 Knuckle Ring - Gold
Very pretty, nice item.
skilergrace June 12, 2014
Dripping Bauble Necklace - Iridescent White
Beautiful rock edge love it! Thank you :)
Autumn June 11, 2014
Lovely Bow Tie Cuff Bracelet
I love it, this bracelet is edgy with glam thank-you for the bracelet :)
Autumn June 11, 2014
Swell Spike Cuff
Perfect!!! Fast shipping. Packaged nicely. No issues. Great service as usual.
Camille June 10, 2014
Galaxy Glamour Scarf
I love all three of my earings I purchased from glint & gleam. They turned out beautiful! First class service from them!
Mai June 09, 2014
Nature's Drop Earrings
YES!! Needed a little pick me up & this was just the thing!! My 1st Rose Gold piece. Arrived SUPER quickly with a set of matching studs!! THANK YOU G&G!!! Absolutely in love with this coordinating set & immediately popped the little studs right into my ears. The plan is to layer this pendant with other mixed metal pieces. :)
Tlcheek74 June 07, 2014
Spiked Sparkle Necklace
delicate and a wear everyday bracelet!
Suzanne June 06, 2014
Be Happy Bird Bracelet - Brown
It turned green in a short amount of time. Had to throw it away!
Alexandra June 02, 2014
What A Gem Bracelet
Goes beautifully with my outfits! Very versatile!
Alexandra June 02, 2014
Hot Tip Jewel Necklace
Alexandra June 02, 2014
Baby Ombre Jewel Necklace - Blue
My favorite! I have received a lot of compliments!
Alexandra June 02, 2014
Exotic Floral Necklace - Multicolored
Alexandra June 02, 2014
Island Luxury Necklace
Perfect length and just the right amount of chunk for a petite frame :) love it
Caroline May 31, 2014
Two Chains Necklace
Like like like
Hyon May 31, 2014
NYX Iridescent Glitter Nail Polish - Disco Inferno
Like like like
Hyon May 31, 2014
NYX Glitter Nail Polish - Moonwalk
AMAZING!! I don't think I will ever need to buy one again because one lasts like FOREVER~~ I've been using one for about six months(?) And it was still good to use. If you feel like it is stretched just toss it in the dryer. It comes like new~ two thumbs UP!
Hyon May 31, 2014
Kitsch Berry Bling Hair Tie Bracelet Set - Multicolored
Chenille May 28, 2014
Back to Geometry Waist Belt - Beige
Looks a little cheap
Trina May 25, 2014
Gleaming Chain Bracelet
cheap materials. crystals fell off quickly.
Amanda May 21, 2014
Glamorous Fish Bones Necklace - Gold
This ring is so cute that random strangers have complimented me on it! Haha! I got it in size 7 and found it to be true to size.
Rebecca May 20, 2014
Digital Love Ring
I love this bracelet SO MUCH! It's adorable and looks just as nice as it does in the photo.
Rebecca May 20, 2014
Pretty in Pixels Bow Bracelet - White