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4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Received Magic Eye Scarf with a snag in it. Had to fix it myself. Not worth the hassle of returning. However, my daughter did like the scarf.
Andrea December 28, 2013
Magic Eye Scarf
I love them!
Feliena December 27, 2013
Noble Lifestyle Earrings - Gold
super cute!!!
Angela December 27, 2013
Gypsy Love Necklace - Black
in love with it!!
Angela December 27, 2013
Lady Blues Necklace - Cobalt
Beth December 27, 2013
Slivers of Class Necklace
Beautiful necklace!! I love it..And super fast shipping!
kristin December 27, 2013
Metanira Dreams Necklace - Gold
Stunning, looks even more expensive than what I paid for it. Almost like a .. j.... c... item.
Irene December 26, 2013
Queen of The Empire Necklace - Gold and Grey
Scarf was beautiful and received an free pair of earrings also very nice! I would definitely shop form this company again!
Maria December 26, 2013
Winter Craze Scarf - Black and Ivory
very beautiful necklace. i loved it so much i purchased both the antique gold and silver. excellent quality and weight. looks just like the picture and is so beautiful in person. i love it! quick service from vendor.
Elizabeth December 26, 2013
Looking Glass Pendant Necklace
Very cute on!!!
LeeAnn December 26, 2013
Perfect Ikat Scarf - Black and Grey
Love it.
julie December 26, 2013
Overnight Frost Necklace - Black and White
Very pretty. Have received several compliments.
Nadine December 26, 2013
Juicy Jewels Necklace
such a cool edgy ring! love that its stretchy so it fits really comfortably!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Dangling Spikes Double-Finger Ring
great bracelet for stacking and mixing with other bracelets! nice and dainty and super cute!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Layer Me Bracelet - Oxblood and Gold
love this bracelet! great for stacking and mixing with other bracelets!!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Sugar Sweet Skull Bracelet - Cream
this ring is so beautifully made! its such great quality!!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Queen B Accent Ring - Gold
such a stunning ring! its such great quality and looks really expensive in person!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Spike and Sparkle Accent Ring - Gold
love this set! the rings are so nice and dainty! great for stacking and mixing with other rings!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Little Dips Midi Ring Set - Gold
such a stunning necklace! the quality is great! its a little heavy but nice because the heaviness allows it to sit nicely on your neck.
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Sea Glass Chain Necklace - Cobalt
love this ring set! its great that they're adjustable!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Genie Ring Set - Silver
such a gorgeous necklace! perfect for wintery days!
katslovefashion December 25, 2013
Overnight Frost Necklace - Black and White
This is a gorgeous cuff. It is simple yet elegant. I love it. Very easy to wear.
rxspunk December 23, 2013
Chained Together Leather Cuff - Mint
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this necklace!!! It is stunning and the quality is on point!!! Love love love =)
lirpagall December 23, 2013
The Electric Edge Necklace
Cheaply made I hope when I put it on with my outfit it doesn't come across cheap looking .
Devita December 23, 2013
Indigo Meadow Necklace - Blue
Gorgeous scarf. Could wear it everyday! Very versatile. Great seller- high quality and quick shipping
tori December 22, 2013
Ancient Maze Infinity Scarf - Black and White
lots of compliments when I wear this. Love it!!
Elizabeth December 22, 2013
Victorian Glow Statement Necklace - Neon Yellow and Teal
Isnt as made as well as the other things I have bought....looks "cheaper"
Marlana December 22, 2013
By The Fireplace Necklace - Blue and Green
Very nice scarf...
Sharon December 22, 2013
To the Topics Floral Scarf - Blue
I love this goes with so many things in my wardrobe
Sharon December 22, 2013
Fall In The Tropics Scarf - Brown
very nice!
Janine December 21, 2013
Hooked Up Bracelet