Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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A beautiful brown bronzey big ring.
Sheila February 05, 2014
Power Of The Sun Ring - Matte Gold
These are gorgeous and look more expensive than what they were. A great deal.
Valerie February 05, 2014
Spellbound Glamor Earrings
Valerie February 05, 2014
Stacked Triangles Necklace
great quality love this bracelet
Holly February 05, 2014
Studded Bar Bracelet - Gold
I like the sparkle of this neclace, but the quality is okay. The gold bits around the stones tend to look low quality.
Rocio February 04, 2014
Alexandra Necklace - Clear
Gorgeous necklace. I wore it a few times and got lots of compliments. Love the combination of colors!
Rocio February 04, 2014
Victorian Glow Statement Necklace - Neon Yellow and Teal
I've yet to ear these earrings. They are nice and a good length.
Rocio February 04, 2014
Aztec Arrow Earrings
This is a nice necklace that I've worn a few times. The only con is that the stones on the inner string tend to flip inside out. Other than than it's a nice necklace.
Rocio February 04, 2014
Dripping Color Necklace
Love, love, love this necklace! Great quality and it adds sparkle to any outfit!
Rocio February 04, 2014
Elegant Danger Necklace - Gold
These are my favorite earrings! They are comfortable and dress up my ears!
Rocio February 04, 2014
Square Cut Princess Earrings - Gold
Gorgeous necklace! Makes any outfit pop...especially when I wear black.
Rocio February 04, 2014
Overlapped in Luxury Necklace - Gold
Very nice, unique piece!
Ree February 03, 2014
Beautiful Arsenal Necklace - Maroon
Love it
Donna February 02, 2014
Tiered Tears Earrings
Love it . Wear it often.
Donna February 02, 2014
Disk Delicacy Layered Necklace - Mixed Metal
If the item is not available then I should have got my credit back why the wait
Kalpana February 02, 2014
Sophisticated Two-Toned Waist Belt - Pink and Turquoise
Very pretty earrings and cute packaging!
MJ Jewelry Design February 02, 2014
Totally Tiered Jewel Earrings
Very pretty necklace and cute packaging!
MJ Jewelry Design February 02, 2014
Scorned Siouxsie Necklace - Gold
This is so pretty, and feels so nice and heavy. Such a bargin!
Ree January 31, 2014
Sweet in Spikes Pearl Necklace
Did not realize I had to wear it on my hand...
Betsy January 31, 2014
Total Knockout Hand Bracelet
I like this scarf because you can wear a lot of different colors with it.
Julia January 30, 2014
Casual In Confetti Infinity Scarf
very classy at very reasonable price.
Julia January 30, 2014
Power Up Earrings
cute and dainty, fits nicely on small wrists
Emily January 30, 2014
Delicate Love Letter Bracelet - Rose Gold
love these! Great colors and perfect size!! I get lots of compliments!
christy January 30, 2014
Dropped With Jewels - Blue
This necklace broke the first time I wore it. Loved the necklace but the quality was poor.
Lily January 30, 2014
Simple Stone Cross Necklace - Black
Perfect ring for Valentines Day! Luv
Lily January 30, 2014
Pixel Perfect Heart Ring - Red
Stone fell out when I wore it but company sent me a new necklace. Were very responsive
Kathy January 29, 2014
Pixel Power Necklace
Cute. But kind of hard to get end of belt through the decoritive gold part.
Jessica January 29, 2014
Criss-Cross Chic Belt - Bubblegum
Great eclectic necklace
tori January 28, 2014
Throw Me A Bone Necklace - Gold
Loving this necklace right now. So quirky!
tori January 28, 2014
Lovely Bones Statement Necklace - Silver
So cozy! Perfect for the winter and easy to style. Very happy with this purchase!
tori January 28, 2014
Heart Of A Tiger Infinity Scarf - Black