Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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I love it. It is gorgeous and beautifully detailed for so small a ring!
Rachel January 02, 2014
Vine Envy Ring
Pretty just very big
Trina January 02, 2014
Lady Edge Bracelet - Gold
very good quality
Trina January 02, 2014
Double the Spike Necklace Set
Trina January 02, 2014
Square Cut Princess Earrings - Gold
Unfortunately, I thought this bag was poor quality. It also was not the exact shape I thought it would be. It was returned.
kerry January 01, 2014
Perfect Picnic Boho Bag - Beige
I thought this item was poor quality. I returned it.
kerry January 01, 2014
Barely Basic Wrap Watch - White
LOVE LOVE! Lays flat, good against skin or on top of shirt, smooth back. Looks awesome on top of hot pink!
Kristen December 31, 2013
Yours Truly Necklace - Iridescent Green
unique! :)
Q2HAN December 30, 2013
Industrial Glow Ring Cuff - Gold
Fast shipping, beautiful necklace and love the surprise earrings!
KimmyCat December 30, 2013
Zodiac Muse Necklace
Really beautiful bracelet. It has lots of layers so it achieves the look of wearing many bracelets.
Erin December 30, 2013
Forever Bohemian Bracelet
I love the look of this bracelet; it arrived exactly as pictured. It's simple and stays put on your wrist.
Erin December 30, 2013
Cabled Perfection Bracelet - Gold
This necklace is really beautiful and simple. The chain has a lot of length so you can keep it shorter with a V-neck or longer to go over a top.
Erin December 30, 2013
Opulent Oval Necklace - Gold
Love these earrings!
Jeane December 30, 2013
Royal Bouquet Earrings - Multicolored
Beautiful bracelet--I love it!
Jeane December 30, 2013
Past and Future Chain Bracelet
I got tons of compliments on these over the weekend- love them!
cristina December 30, 2013
Windy City Findings Earrings
Super neat necklace, at such a great price! Love it!
cristina December 30, 2013
Beauty Bones Necklace
My Favorite watch!
BentleyBlonde December 29, 2013
Pastel Perfect Watch
Gorgeous color! Very elegant, but easy to dress up or down.
Sydney December 29, 2013
September Princess Earrings - Blue
Simple, elegant, just the right amount of sparkle!
Sydney December 29, 2013
Snow Cluster Earrings - Silver
This necklace is just the right size, not too chunky and not to small, and lays nicely. It dresses up any outfit and is not over the top sparkly so it is appropriate for work or going out. I get compliments every time I wear it. It has a nice weight and the quality is good--nice clasp, no loose stones.
Nicole December 28, 2013
Winter Garden Necklace
It's alright.
Asma December 28, 2013
Paisley and Leopard Print Scarf - Red
The colors turned out different and duller than what I expected.
Asma December 28, 2013
Iridescent Stripe Scarf - Coral and Camel
Another warm, basic scarf.
Asma December 28, 2013
Ancient Flower Panel Scarf - Brown and Blue
Good to have.
Asma December 28, 2013
Accessory Dots by Hollywood Fashion Secrets
I wear this with the other one like this. Very pretty!
Asma December 28, 2013
Flower Garden Snake Scarf - Grey
Love, love this one. Makes me happy just looking at it!
Asma December 28, 2013
Goddess of Cozumel Scarf
Asma December 28, 2013
Always and Forever Midi Ring - Silver
Very nice, and wide too!
Asma December 28, 2013
Cross Hatch Printed Scarf - Teal
A basic, nice and warm.
Asma December 28, 2013
Ancient Flower Panel Scarf - Blue and Beige
Did not like this at all! The colors were too bright and the material was not what I was expecting.
Asma December 28, 2013
Sea of Roses Scarf - Pink