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4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Awesome...very shipping and great price...look forward to shopping with you again!
MiChelle January 13, 2014
Warrior's Weapon Necklace - Antique Silver
Love the earrings they are so perfect for the necklace i have:) would recommend to everyone :)
yuliza January 13, 2014
Power Of The Crystal Earrings - Black
Love these earrings !!!!! Would recommend to everyone now i need the necklace to match the earrings:)
yuliza January 13, 2014
Everlasting Reign Earrings - Multicolored
This necklace is really beautiful. I have gotten a lot of compliments after wearing it twice now. The colors are very pretty.
Sharon January 13, 2014
Hidden Gem Single Strand Necklace - Antique Gold
This necklace is so pretty with the two colors of pink and turquoise and the way it's twisted. It's very pretty.
Sharon January 13, 2014
Slightly Twisted Necklace - Pink and Turquoise
This necklace is so simple but yet so pretty plus yellow is my favorite color.
Sharon January 13, 2014
Squared Away Necklace - Yellow
Beautiful bracelet. Very happy with this one.
Tracy January 13, 2014
Linked In Luxe Bracelet
Honestly I haven't worn these yet. They do look nice I just haven't had the right time to wear them.
Tracy January 13, 2014
Rockefeller Love Earrings
Nice but the strands twist easly and it doesn't lay flat but it works.
Tracy January 13, 2014
Modern Marvel Bracelet - Gold
This is so pretty. The picture doesn't do it justice. I am so happy that I ordered this. Gorgeous!!!
Tracy January 13, 2014
Touch Of The East Necklace - Fuchsia
Oh my goodness, the picture dose not do justice to this necklace, it is beautiful. I am so glad that I ordered this.
Tracy January 13, 2014
Fenced In Beauty Necklace - Peach
Such a cute ring. I wear it all the time!
Katie January 11, 2014
Wraparound Arrow Accent Ring - Silver
I absolutely LOVE the way this looks, but it turns my fingers green every time I wear it.
Katie January 11, 2014
2 in 1 Knuckle Ring - Silver
I LOVE this ear cuff. I wear it all the time!
Katie January 11, 2014
Shine On Ear Cuff - Gold
This ear cuff is the perfect little outfit accent!
Katie January 11, 2014
Katniss Ear Cuff
Gorgeous jewelry I got lots of compliants and it can be worn with many things
Willie January 11, 2014
Flapper Fan Statement Necklace - Purple and Periwinkle
Cute for costume but feels too young for everyday wear.
jessica January 10, 2014
Strung Up Skeleton Necklace - Silver
Love!!! Great with a good sweater!
jessica January 10, 2014
Vintage Beauty Jewel Necklace - Pink
pretty scarf
Kelly January 10, 2014
Winter Cruise Scarf
SUPER!! LOVE it!! Comfortable & surprisingly light-weight to wear. Doesn't catch & tangle in your hair. Great color. Will wear well in winter to add a pop of color but should transition seamlessly into Spring/Summer. Another AWESOME purchase from G&G!!!
Tlcheek74 January 10, 2014
Bold Links Necklace - Turquoise
Love it
Kelly January 09, 2014
Shine On Floral Ring - Light Pink
Love It.
Kelly January 09, 2014
Hot Night Stacked Ring Set - Neon Orange
Gorgeous piece and can't wait to wear it next weekend out to a dinner party! Love the bold statement it shows on a solid color shirt/blouse.
Robert January 08, 2014
Winter Warmth Necklace - Gold
The quality is just simply amazing. It look and feels high end! Such a cute purse for Summer!
Belinda Selene January 07, 2014
Exotic Fringe Cross-Body by Nila Anthony - Nude
Good quality and great fit!
Belinda Selene January 07, 2014
Sweet N' Sleek Bow Waist Belt
Love this!!! Reminds me of macaroons. I want this in mint next!
Belinda Selene January 07, 2014
Baby Bauble Necklace
Love this bag! Extremely sturdy and beautifully bright for Spring and Summer. I take this to work with me since it's so roomy!
Belinda Selene January 07, 2014
Chic Everyday Mini Bag - Mint
This is such a great piece to have in my collection because it goes with so many things!!! I love it!!!
lirpagall January 07, 2014
Cool Blue Glamour Necklace - Blue
Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I gave this as a gift and my friend was in love!!!
lirpagall January 07, 2014
Fall Frost Necklace - Blue
This is soo beautiful and elegant in person! I can't wait to wear this. It's gorgeous. I wish we could share pics on here.
Najila January 07, 2014
Modern Countess Necklace - Emerald