Feedback for glint & gleam

4.6 out of 5.0 stars
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Love Love Love this scarf...feels soft and the colors or just beautiful...!! Although the pic is good I don't think it does it justice.
Lauri January 22, 2014
Sea of Roses Scarf - Pink
Cute alone, or layered with other bracelets.
Kim January 22, 2014
Hooked Up Bracelet - Metallic Pink
Love layering this bracelet. Very pretty.
Kim January 22, 2014
Bolted Belle Leather Bracelet
Huge statement ring. Comfy to wear and gets a lot of attention.
Kristie January 22, 2014
Future Skies Druzy Ring
Classic, simple and GORGEOUS.
Kristie January 22, 2014
Sleek Shine Ring
This is a huge, stunning ring. A real show stopper. Very comfy to wear even though it is so big.
Kristie January 22, 2014
Ancient Jewel Ring - Taupe
Love, love this ring... So comfy and beautiful.
Kristie January 22, 2014
Galaxy Doorway Ring - Lilac
Always get complements on this necklace. Good quality and looks good with many different outfits!
Lily January 22, 2014
Posh Tassel Necklace - Gold
Great Earring! and the color is beautiful
Lily January 22, 2014
Two Toned Teardrop Jewel Earrings - Orange
It says "antique silver" but looks like corroded steel. I won't be wearing this.
Patty January 21, 2014
Ancient Ankh Necklace - Antique Silver
Cute scarf....thanks
Susan January 20, 2014
Little Spots Scarf
Will wear it often....thanks
Susan January 20, 2014
Dangerous Dangling Spike Bracelet - Antique Silver
Love it.....thanks
Susan January 20, 2014
Delicate Barb Cuff - Hematite
LOVE these earrings. My new favorite ones!
Fatima January 19, 2014
Sharp Darts Earrings
The quality of this necklace seems a little cheap but either way it still looks stunning!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Amazon Wonder Necklace - Multicolored
Another piece that is even more stunning in person than in photos...such a beautiful and feminine necklace!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Awaiting Spring Necklace - Pink
Love the gorgeous color of these earrings!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Frosted Luxury Earrings - Blue
These earrings are very chic and sophisticated and can be worn with just about anything!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Clear Potential Earrings
Such a gorgeous scarf....reminds me of Marie Antoinette!....beautiful for spring!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Royal Retreat Scarf - Multicolored
These earrings aren't quite as pretty in person as they are in the photo but they are still a really fun pair of statement earrings!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Hall of Mirrors Earrings - Gold
These earrings are much larger and heavier than expected but they are still VERY gorgeous!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Queen Of The Bronx Earrings - Gold
Very unique color scheme and very lightweight on the ears!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Coated Glamour Earrings
Colorful statement earrings that are perfect for spring!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Pretty Lady Earrings - Multicolored
Delicate and feminine earrings perfect for fall!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Branching Out Earrings - Matte Gold
Such chic and sophisticated earrings that go with almost anything!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Ice Crystal Earrings - White
Such stunning earrings!...So feminine and unique!
Bethany January 19, 2014
Opulent Ballroom Earrings - Gold
Unique & just enough of a statement without being too much. I was afraid they'd be heavy but was pleasantly surprised to find they're quite light.
Lori January 19, 2014
Drop Of Pop Earrings - Cream and Yellow
Very pretty; can be casual, dressy or professional.
Lori January 19, 2014
Desert Oasis Earrings
love them all! each one is pretty in its own way, and they are very well made. they look more expensive then they were and over all very happy with this purchase
Nancy January 19, 2014
Nature and Class Midi Ring set - Gold
Dainty but nice and perfect for casual days. I am sure this will be worn often.
Patty January 18, 2014
Layered Rosary Necklace - Black